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Defy Trends helps bridge the gap with AI and data backed information so you can spend less time searching, and more time making informed cryptocurrency investment decisions.

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Defy Trends is an information hub that provides all the analytics for crypto traders so you can make the best investment decisions. Our indicators draw from both on-chain and off-chain data to give you a holistic overview of the market.

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The data you want to make informed decisions

Defy Trends simplifies your research process by aggregating both on-chain and off-chain data and creating insights accessible to you in one easy to use platform. We utilize cutting edge AI to provide you with digestible and actionable insights so you can focus on executing your investment strategy.

On-chain Data Analytics

We examine the fundamental adoption, transaction, and derivative activity of a coin or token. We process on-chain data from multiple chains to create comprehensive analytics such as: active addresses, transaction rate, wallet tracking, and more.

Social Sentiment

We scrape social media data and news sources to uncover current and future trends and the relationship between social sentiment and cryptocurrency and NFT prices. Data sources include YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, TikTok, Github, Medium, and Reddit.

Off-chain Data Analytics

In addition to the social sentiment, we also aggregate and process centralized exchange data to supplement on-chain data. Graph our technical indicators on the same chart with your favorite social sentiment and on-chain indicators.

Live Crypto News

Industry Leading News at your fingertips

We aggregate news from thousands of sources across the internet so you can stay up to date on what matters most to you. Using NLP algorithms, we tag news by topics so you don't have to spend hours looking through different sources to find reliable information. Our tool allows you to save time and make informed investment decisions.

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The Most advanced set of Data Analytics on the market today

Our proprietary data analytics platform looks at millions of pieces of data from social media, on-chain transactions, community groups, online forums, news and other sources to produce actionable and digestible indicators that help you make data-informed investing decisions.

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