Your Crypto Data Analytics Platform

We are an information hub that provides all the analytics, information, and education you need to make informed investment decisions.


All the information you need to make an educated investment decision

Defy Trends is an information hub that provides all the analytics for crypto traders so you can make the best investment decisions. Our indicators draw from both on-chain and off-chain data to give you a holistic overview of the market.

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Your Cryptocurrency Decisions Simplified

With a portfolio of metrics and analytics tools available on the Defy Trends platform, you have everything you need to make data-driven investment decisions. Defy Trends is democratizing finance and providing data-driven insights to crypto investors.

Technical Analysis

Find patterns and trend lines with our intuitive graphs. Graph basic technical indicators such as exponential moving average (EMA), moving average convergence divergence (MACD), Relative Strength Index (RSI), and Bollinger Band, and more.

Defy Trends Score™

Ranks each coin objectively based on a variety of on- and off-chain data, including social sentiment, on-chain transaction metrics, and more

Fundamental Analysis

Understand the fundamental value of the project by evaluating community adoption and product development. Leverage on chain data such as protocol interactions, new addresses, and user retention and off chain insights such as GitHub activity, and more

Sentiment Analysis

We scrape social media data, news sources, and recent regulatory announcements to assess potential movements in the market

Educational courses that are built to teach you everything

Defy Education gives you the content you need to learn at your own pace and level. Our Education Platform is designed as a free tool for crypto enthusiasts of all levels, from the crypto curious to the experienced trader.