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We help businesses act on market moving information faster and more confidently through our analytics tools, education, and research.

Compare coins
to one another
Spot new crypto investment opportunities
Do due diligence on coins
like Bitcoin and Ethereum
Scan crypto and NFT news in one glance
Learn to earn - Crypto, NFT, DeFi

Unlock Your True
Investment Potential

We provide hedge funds, asset managers, OTC desks, exchanges, and NFT market places with all the data and education needed to make informed investment decisions without the need to hire a whole quant team.

Integrated API

Integrate our analytics directly and seamlessly into your platform using our API. This integration allows you to integrate in-depth market data into your business activities and increase data exchange across several apps and systems

Aggregated Crypto and NFT News

We aggregate news from sources across the internet so you can stay up to date on what matters most to you. Using NLP algorithms, we tag news by topics so your team can get a quick, comprehensive overview and easily research specific topics.

Enterprise Digital Asset Education

We provide the educational resources needed to  integrate our tools into your enterprise, including courses and video content to educate any number of users based on your company’s needs. In addition, we provide onboarding services for your investors and clients
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Servicing All Types
of Investors

With a portfolio of metrics and analytics tools available on the Defy Trends platform, you will have everything you need to make informed investment decisions without the need to hire a whole quant team.


Our advanced tools help you gain an edge in your investment strategies for crypto and NFTs


Utilize our aggregated news and data analytics to study and compare projects in real
time and historically


Add value to your users by  providing access to a wide breadth of analysis, data & insights

Research Firms

Utilize our analytics to analyze a coin, project, or blockchain from multiple angle

NFT Marketplaces

Empower their users with data analysis to understand the qualitative and quantitative qualities of a project

Affiliate Partners

Share customer flow and help our users find the best services needed to become successful traders in crypto and NFTs

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